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Welcome to Why was property the fastest safehaven over the last ten years

Why was property the fastest safehaven over the last ten years?

The economic panorama

Economic projection was never an exact science. Entire theories were developed and studies for years trying to forsee what monetary and productive trends would come our way and how to prepare ourselves to make the best out of it. This is why finances is always field of speculation, not certainty; and investments always have some degree of inherent risk.

And precisely because nothing is 100% for sure when it comes to money, there is even the possibility of losing our capital if we don't do anything at all. Letting our equity sit on an account, investments or holdings could resent our patrimony: price drops, changes in the economic scene, crisis, new competing markets, billions of factors could affect our wealth negatively.

So wise investments, both short and long term, are fundamental for us to protect our patrimony during our lives. But what is the best investment? There is clearly no safe answer, just safest options. And the decision will seem more important in an unstable economic environment. First world countries like in the UK face relatively predictable and stable scenarios, but even us need to adjust our numbers every now and then. Inflation in the UK is a reality, and after Brexit the dropping value of the pound and some tightening in the condition of our markets has started to worry people in general and investors in particular. There are fears of slowdown after Brexit, and prices are slowly rising as a reflection of the decreasing value of our currency. So, if money loses value over time, we should instead invest on some other form of keeping our equity. And what should that be?

Investment options

In the world of finance and investment, there are several ways in which you can protect your equity and, if you do things right, multiply it. Speculation and investment knowledge are meant to show you how you can make the most out of what you have. So let's briefly check a few options... as well as their weak points.

Foreign currency

The pound is becoming unstable after the UK leaving the European Union, so investing in more stable currencies like the Euro or US Dollar might seem like a quick and easy way to secure our capital. However, we are proof that no currency is completely out of risk. With the recent change in government in the United States and a new panorama in the EU purchasing foreign currency might be a bet too risky for our capital.

The stock market

Buying stock is quite a classic, and if you do it right you can increase your capital and get a low but steady monthly passive income. The stock market can get quite frenetic if you work on it every day so you can get the most out of your investment, like those stressed brokers making calls all the time. But even if you're just willing to let it sit and give you revenue, stock investment can get pretty risky too. It's big risk, big reward. Actions rise and fall and if you make a bad move or a poor choice, you could actually loose a good chunk of your beloved equity. With markets becoming unstable and new trends rising every day, the stock market might give you many things, but tranquility isn't one of them.

Investing on estate

It is a good rule of thumb to consider basic needs as relatively stable investments. One of the most basic of them is a place where to live. The real estate market is as old as the privatization of land, and since people will always need a place to call home, then there is a constant supply of potential customers for renting or buying.

Estate investment, also known as "investing on bricks" has always been synonimous of stable and reliable safeheaven for your equity. It is usual to see property value rise as cities become more populated and towns get modernized. There are a few exceptions, but in most cases the land value goes up instead of down. The current high house prices in London and other areas with high demand are rewarding those who chose to invest in property.

According to, the dynamics of the estate market are very active nowadays. Even with the slowdown of the Brexit shock, migration and removals will keep the estate market active. Buy to let investments are an especially flourishing option for those who have enough capital, and many britons have retired at an early age and now live out of rentals. Estate investments are time resistant and economic swing resistant, so they are a great choice for investment in times of inflation.


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Providing the Best finance solutions!
Providing the Best finance solutions!
Providing the Best finance solutions!